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This community was inspired by many other 20in20 communities, such as celeb20in20, the original.

You will have 20 days to make 20 icons featuring a Drama TV show or movie.

There will be 3 types of sets:
1. 10 default themes: These change with each monthly challenge.
2. 5 icon set following one category: All of these have similar themes. For example, if the category is emotions, each icon must portray a different emotion.
3. 5 icon set of Artist's Choice: You get to make any icon, any theme as long as it fits with your claim.

About The Challenges:
•Themes: The themes set will have 10 themes like you would see in a 100 icon challenge.
•Category: All icons in this set have one specific theme.
•Artist's Choice: Any 5 icons, as long as they fit with your claim.

•Themes: Each theme has one winner. For example, if the theme is happy, every happy icon will be in a poll and you vote on the best.
•Category: These will stay in the sets that the creator made, and will be voted on as sets that the creator made.
•Artist's Choice: These will be voted on in the same way the category icons are voted on.

In addition to voting for sets in Category and Artist's Choice, you will vote for 6 icons of your choice.

Challenges Posted: First of Month
Challenges End: 20th of Month
Voting Posted: 21st of Month
Voting Ends: 28th of Month
Sign-ups Posted: 21st of Month

General Rules:
•For each challenge, you must choose a TV show or a movie in the drama genre.
•Only one icon maker can have each show/movie.
•You must choose a different show/movie. For example, if you choose "House" for round 1, you can’t choose "House" again for round two. You can choose it again for round three, though.
•You can only enter once per challenge. 20 icons. No multiple sets.
•Your icons need to be made specifically for this challenge. Don’t use any of your old ones.
•You can post your icons before voting goes up.
•You will be given posting access to the community once you make your claim.
•When you’re finished, you can post all your icons here, or you can post a preview and link to your journal. However, The entry you link to must be public.
•Vote fairly. Don’t ask anyone to vote for you, and don’t vote for your favorite character/pairing just because it’s your favorite. Vote for the best set/icons.
•Your icons must adhere to LiveJournal standards. That means they must be under 40kb, 100x100 and saved as a .png, .gif, or .jpg file format.
•Animated icons are not allowed for this community.
•There are no adult images allowed for this community.